Shift worker for production line

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Shift worker for production line

Hakuaika päättyy 05.12.2021

Nurmijärvi Elintarviketeollisuus Teollisuus/tuotanto Hotelli- ja ravintola-ala Foodiq Oy

Are you looking for flexible job that you can do whenever it suits you and your current life situation? Or are you looking for extra work? We are looking for shift workers for our customer company, Foodiq Oy, in Klaukkala.

Foodiq Oy is a forerunner of plant-based food manufacturing and now we offer you the possibility to be involved with the revolution of clean nutrition. The company is located in Klaukkala, where you can go easily by public transport or by own car.

Foodiq was founded in 2015. In 2019 their turnover was nearly million euros and in 2020 it was already over six million euros. Foodiq has a strong team with decades of experience of the field in the background. Foodiq’s strengths are experienced product development team, own extensive recipe catalogue, and flexible production capacity that enable the fast growing. The focus will be especially in the oat based, less e-codes containing food, in the future.

We are now looking for active shift workers who take their own initiative and who would be ready to work between 1-5 shifts per week, between Monday and Friday. The working time is usually 7h, between 9-16 o’clock. There might be flexibility for working hours +/- 1h. The work itself is a production line work where you pack protein powder and pills with semi-automatic production line. There is also a possibility for warehouse shifts. The work is not too heavy and the temperature in the factory is +15-18 degrees. You can have an easy-going conversation with your workmates or let your thoughts rest while you work, as long as the work is rolling as it should!

Experience is not required but previous working in production line will be considered as an advantage.

What we require

  • Hygiene passport
  • 18 years of age
  • English language skills

We offer you

  • Competitive salary
  • Flexible shift work where you can choose and politely decline the shifts
  • Possibility to enjoy the products of the company during your work shift

If you feel you are suitable for fast paced physical job in factory surroundings, we would definitely want to hear more from you and welcome you to our team. Please leave your application as soon as possible since we start the recruitment process immediately.

Due to the exceptional situation, we have the possibility to have the interviews safely and easily as video interviews with our RecRight Live tool. Our recruitment processes move forward normally.