Fast Food employee, Burger King Ratina

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Fast Food employee, Burger King Ratina

Hakuaika päättyy 10.12.2021

Tampere Hotelli- ja ravintola-ala Asiakaspalvelu/palvelu Restel Fast Food Oy

Burger King is hiring new employees for Ratina Tampere. Do not scroll past on this one!

What is working at Burger King like? Find out here #tiktok #kingiduuni #burgerking


Currently there are more open positions for the ones who can also work in morning and day shifts. You can work as a gig worker or sign an indefinite labor contract with more working hours (63h/3weeks). We hope you would be able to start working shortly.


Burger King restaurants are known for their amazing work environment, so your KING attitude is the thing that counts!


”Be your way -philosophy” at Burger King gladly welcomes you to work regardless your background! At Burger King you will learn a lot about customer service, teamwork and kitchen work as well as about interaction with your king team members!

Burger King was also awarded with ”The most inspiring Finnish work places” -title in 2018!

Burger King is part of the Restel-group and Restel offers you many work benefits.

Barona works in co-operation in the recruitment.

Burger King is a part of Restel. Restel Oy is one of the leading restaurant companies in Finland with over 200 restaurants and approximately 2500 professionals across the country from Helsinki to Rovaniemi. Read more about Restel as employer from here

We are looking forward hearing from you, so please apply now!

Vuolteenkatu 1, 33100 Tampere