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Full-Stack Developer

Hakuaika päättyy 17.10.2021

Helsinki Oulu IT/tietoliikenne Codemate Oy

We are looking to strengthen our team with a versatile developer, familiar with front-end and back-end side of the web. And first and foremost, a good friend and colleague. The position can be located in Helsinki or Oulu but we can also offer you a chance to work remotely from our Bangkok office!

Never heard of Codemate? Here is a quick introduction for you!

What we are looking for?

We are looking for a Full Stack Developer who has previous experience from creating web applications and is thirsty to learn every day. We are driven to deliver value to our customers and challenge ourselves to find creative ways to tackle problems.

These are sort of a must:

  • Multiple years of experience in developing and implementing web- based applications.
  • You are confident working with some of the great web technologies – this can be different JavaScript frameworks or for example Java, NodeJS, Ruby On Rails, Go, Python, PHP or something similar…
  • Desire to learn and adopt new technologies, understand their business impact, and interest in constantly developing your expertise.
  • A team player with good communication skills. You understand the power of working together and want to understand customers’ needs and deliver value.

…and in a perfect world:

  • You’d live in Helsinki or in Oulu.
  • Have hands-on experience of some of the cloud technologies (AWS/Google Cloud/Azure, Heroku).
  • Some experience on Docker, DevOps and CI/CD tools and services

Together, we will tailor the role to match your ambitions and expertise.

And what you would be doing?

At Codemate we have the pleasure of working with customers from different industries and building world-class services. We create seamless digital solutions which are intuitive to use and create real value for our customers. The simplest way to tell about your future adventures is to let one of our developers tell you about one of his latest cases, Oikotie:

The Oikotie case started when our sales had identified an opportunity, which sounded like a great challenge both for me personally, and for us as a company. We discussed the business needs with the customer and were able to gather a great team to match those targets. During the project I worked as a lead developer and my role was to make sure that our team was able to work as well as they could. I was responsible for architecture and back-end development of the system: designing the software and cloud architecture, deciding about technological choices, initializing the codebase, coding the actual BE logic and APIs, handling the integrations to external systems, and at the same time making sure that the business needs were met. I had a big role to play but it was exactly what I had wanted and asked for. At the end, the best feeling came from customer’s comments about our team’s work. We did it together, and we did it well.

And what does Codemate give you in return?

It takes two to dance, and here is what we would be offering you:

  • Interesting projects, intriguing tasks and an environment supporting your personal and professional growth towards a digital superstar.
  • A community, where knowledge and skills are shared, and where your vision is heard.
  • Chance to smartly build creative solutions; no code debt or time spent dowsing fires.
  • Freedom and responsibility in equal measure. Together with your team you make the choices which technologies, solutions and tools are used.
  • Office in the best part of town, great benefits, and competitive compensation.
  • Finest and funniest colleagues in the world (or at least we like to think so)

Codemate teams are located on three offices: Oulu, Helsinki and Bangkok. You can decide to work on any of these sites, whichever best suits your preferences. We help in relocation if needed.


If you got interested, please drop your CV and a short note about your current availability to our recruitment tool ASAP. Your application will be handled as soon as we get it.

For further information please contact Barona IT’s Visa Varpenius by phone at 044 052 6429 or via email visa.varpenius@barona.fi.

Thanks, and hope to meet you soon!